14 de janeiro de 2008

In case you did NOT realize it yet: my "good side" is on vacations. Evil_Me is indahouz.

If you did not understand what I wrote, get your ass outta this chair and go study some English.

6 comentários:

A Outra disse...

I understand! Thanks God! lol

Diego disse...

boa... continuarei com a bunda na cadeira lendo seu blog =P hehehehe adorei a música do ozzy ... bj

Aline disse...

É que eu dou ataque de falar inglês quando emputeço, rs.

Beijocas, babies!

PS: Ozzy rox!

Helen disse...

Evil_Me: mode On

just love it!

Andreia disse...

Ok oK I think everybody here understood your post....Iupiiiiii we are sooooo smart!!
Brazilian babies!
® ® ® ® ® ®

Lekkerding. disse...

And Hail, Evil You.